The creation of the handmade artistic jewelery and itw uniqueness is something that basically dominates it.


Unique handmade artworks that will not only recall a little story, they will beautify whatever space they are placed in.


Bronze figurines with various subjects placed on stone, brass, wood, plexiglass.

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SINCE 1987


                                   Art is not a complete study,is expression,implementation,presentation and acceptance.
                                      Our pursuit is handmade,in every form.Every jewelry is handmade,each object for us is jewelry.
                       Uniqueness is value that is missing today.



Vintage TELL SWISS MADE pocket watch. Antique works very well, it lasts 24 hours. Swiss mechanism, t..
Wedding on a Greek island.Frame 25 cm X 40 cm painting of the Apostolis, theme made of bronze with p..
Last "gears". An old shoe tree wood, our journey in the age of the gear machine,  ..
Sculpture on Wood"trireme" , trireme is made of silver 925o handmade on a wooden old piece..
Frame with Apostolos' painting in the old port with the boxes and the old boats. The figures and..
A frame with a painting by Apostolos, in a Cycladic wedding. The couple's figures are made of br..
Handmade ring with orthokeras "Fossilized squid" 5 -6 cm,surrounded by silver 925o perfect..
Silver spiral bracelet with special handmade construction, with 3 rows of 6 mm pearls, at the end th..
Impressive men's 925 silver ring in oxidation, a ring for very rock men. ..
It is an ancient Greek doll "plagona" of the geometric period. It symbolizes fertility and..
Table decoration with theme - the butterfly New
The butterfly is the most amorphous ornament in the countryside only we can not touch it. Here it is..
Table decoration with theme - greetings New
 The child greets by waving the handkerchief theme in alpaca with enamel, placed on a Swedish w..
Bronze table card holder with motocross theme New
Motocross machine and label are what make it a special gift, placed on a Swedish wood covered with i..
Table bronze handmade objects with ballet theme. New
Three bronze dancers with enamel color, placed on a Swedish wood pasted with impregnation varnish. H..
Women's themed necklace - seated woman New
Women's necklace made of silver and precious stones (green scam) tied with wire, in the center o..
Women's silver themed earrings - murano New
Women's earrings, silver with semi-precious stones (turquoise & murano) are hanging and suit..
Women's silver earrings with Byzantine theme New
Women's earrings, silver with precious stones (turquoise) are hanging and suitable for any occas..
Women's silver themed earrings - turquoise New
Women's earrings, silver with precious stones (turquoise) are hanging and suitable for any occas..
Women's silver themed earrings - round New
Women's silver themed earrings - round..
Women's silver themed earrings - the fly New
Women's earrings, silver with semi-precious stones are hanging and suitable for any occasion. ..
Wooden wall frame with theme - Christmas -50%
Around the Christmas tree the children collect the ornaments. Painting with water enamel on sea plyw..
60.00€ 30.00€
Ex Tax: 24.19€
Cufflinks with the Greek Flag in 925o silver are made in a money clip and a brooch pin. The color bl..
Ring Silver (925th) with the rose to adorn the center of the calf, handmade and unique. ..
Two bronze swallows travel in a square frame of 10 cm x 10 cm. ..
What do 2 ballerinas do in the frame, they give it movement, they make it more alive. ..
This wall frame represents the Greek boats that arm in the Aegean. The bronze mast is handmade forge..
Frame "Tears of Joy"Beneath the dazzling light of sun in that place she loves visiting aga..
Silver Earrings (925o) pendant with a ball 18 mm, handmade and unique ..
An angel hanging on to the wishes. A great Christmas present in business call us. Over 10 prices are..
Silver Earrings (925o) pendant with a ball 10 mm, handmade and unique ..
 cufflinks"mother of pearl". A pair of classic bronze cufflinks. a wonderful gift for..