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The necklace is a jewel that surrounds the neck, made of small elements joined together.

Amethyst necklace N5 Amethyst necklace N5
2-3 Days
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO060
Women's necklace silver with amethyst, (60 cm.) Long and with a rectangular plate (2 cm x 3 cm.) With an engraved fish, is handmade and with soft wire all the amethyst past...
Ex Tax:56.45€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO074
Baroque pearl necklace 6 mm, in the center adorns a round silver element (2.5 cm in diameter) with a carved star and in the center of it a pearl 6 mm..
Ex Tax:48.39€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO066
Brass necklace - with agate & jade (semi-precious stones) handmade with bronze wire, its length is 60 cm...
Ex Tax:28.23€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO043
Chalcedony necklace, a silver pendant in an irregular shape above which we have nailed an oval semi-precious stone (blue topaz) hanging in the center from a chalcedony stone, with 2 lazuli and 2 baroque pearls...
Ex Tax:48.39€
Choker necklace
Top Brand
Handmade necklace with 6 pieces joined in a split way, 925 sterling silver and 18 carat gold plating...
Ex Tax:159.68€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO065
Silver "colored stones" necklace, semi-precious stone summer colors handmade with high quality wire, its length is 55 cm...
Ex Tax:40.32€
Fish necklace
2-3 Days
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO025
Γυναικείο κολιέ ασημένιο με αμέθυστο, (60 εκ.)μάκρος και  με μια πλάκα παραλληλόγραμμη (2 εκ.Χ 3 εκ.)με ένα χαραγμένο ψάρι,είναι χειροποίητο και με σύρμα  μαλακό όλοι οι αμέθυστοι περασμένοι...
Ex Tax:38.71€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO053
Silver "flower" necklace. A 6mm fluorite necklace in the center has a silver 3.4cm handmade and unique design...
Ex Tax:60.48€
Flower necklace with pearls
Out Of Stock
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO126
Four rows of freshwater baroque, tied with Japanese threads with a focus on a silver rounded, engraved with a flower and has a diameter of 4 cm...
Ex Tax:64.52€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO015
Handmade silver necklace with wire and amethyst 5 mm in tailored cut...
Ex Tax:36.29€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO104
Necklace 40 cm. With pearls and lapis, tied with Japanese A 'quality thread and silver elements...
Ex Tax:23.39€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO127
Necklace with silver olive branch and lapis lazuli 4 mm round a few freshwater pearls adorn the neck on both sides with a few elaborate balls. A wonderful ornament...
Ex Tax:58.06€
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