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Handmade necklace, made of 14 & 18 carat gold decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. A necklace is a piece of jewelry worn around the neck. The word necklace we use is the French "collier". In Greek the word is necklace, which means "around the neck" (skin = neck). Necklaces often consist of chains from which various decorative elements, or precious stones, hang. Necklaces were used by people in all cultures, and amulets or "baskans" were often hung from them to protect them from disease and the "evil eye". Choker is called the short necklace 35-40 cm. A collar is a necklace that is fitted around the neck. Graduate is the necklace whose elements grow gradually, starting thin in the neck and ending thick in the center. Medallion-pendant is an element (cross, medal, jewelry) that hangs on the bodice, from a chain or a rope of leather, silk, etc. The etymology of the word starts from the Greek word metallon. In the ancient Greek language the word periapton was used for the pendant, which is derived from the verb periapto which means hang, hang. In folklore the necklace is called "jordani", which comes from the Turkish "gerdan" which means neck.

Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO033
Necklace with emerald in a unique color and excellent quality in degraded form, starting from 3 mm to 6 mm in the center, with 2 washers of k14 gold.From the Greek word emerald came the Latin Smaragdus (emerald), which in the Latin Latin became Esmaralda / Esmaraldus. From this word comes the Englis..
Ex Tax:314.52€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO035
Handmade pendant with three tourmaline teardrop shape in about 5-7 millimeters, tied in gold K14, sold with or without chain 1.8 grams of gold K14. A necklace that has special value because of its uniqueness...
Ex Tax:306.45€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO034
Handmade coral necklace 2 mm in the form of a lens, nail 5 mm 6 pieces, 10 gold washers and a handmade pyramid.A necklace that has a special value due to its uniqueness, in terms of thinking and creation.Among the most impressive semiprecious stones is the coral. Corals exist underwater in tree-like..
Ex Tax:129.03€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO036
Handmade pendant scarab gold K14 and baked enamel, sold with or without chain "fanny" 5 grams gold K14. A necklace that has special value because of its uniqueness...
Ex Tax:467.74€
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