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Jim Shore-Heartwood Creek

Every piece has a story! In partnership with Jim Shore for over 20 years. Jim’s signature look of handmade, hand-carved art inspired by themes of folklore and tradition has captured the hearts of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Enesco and Jim Shore joined forces in November 2000 and worked together throughout the following year to launch the well-known and much loved Heartwood Creek at the beginning of 2002. Since then, Jim’s small collection of Santa’s has evolved into a broad selection of gifts for many occasions and thousands of new designs not only in the Heartwood Creek collection, but in partnerships with other well know licenses like Disney, Peanuts and Dr. Seuss. His fans not only love his art they feel a real connection with Jim himself. Time is a funny thing, twenty years can seem like an instant. I remember the beginning of my partnership with Enesco like it was yesterday, showing a small collection of seasonal designs based on the folk-art imagery I grew up with. In the twenty years since it’s become more than I ever dreamed, a chance to share my vision with the world and an opportunity to do the work I love every day. And it’s gratifying more than I can say to hear how my art has become a part of people’s lives and family  traditions, that it’s at the heart of their Christmas celebration or that it’s a special gift for someone they love. I am truly blessed. But none of this came easily. It took the hard work and dedication of so many wonderful men and women who believed in me and the work we were doing together. I will always be grateful.

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