artistic creations

artistic creations

The artistic creations Topaz art Gallery,are thoughts arising from the childhood of the artist,through music, love, dreams.Flame and forged metals(silver, bronze alpaca, silver, copper) create a sense of lively presence.Colors, wood, metals, stones are selected in their own view and create spaces that express and love us.

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"cat "

A cat moves into a square frame of 10 cm x 10 cm. ..

"Clean Monday"

All other formats and frame clock is of bronze. The clock mechanism is German silent...

"Couple "

Solid brass with a heart, handmade watch  frame 20 x 30 cm, with German silent clock mechanism...

"Couple with child"

family a walk in the countryside in bronze figures. frame: 20 cm x 30 cm ..

"Couple with coral "heart"

Frame with brass figures,in the heart there is a coral.Handmade made we give the motion that represe..

"dance school"

25 cm x 35 cm frames with the school, ballerina and moon of bronze.Everything is handmade. ..

"Farmer and Donkey"

Within a 20cm to 20cm,There are forms and the cloud,handmade bronze-treated. ..

"frame small garden"

Wooden frame 10 cm on 10 cm,the daisy and the butterfly are ade with bronze. ..


A bronze boat sails in a square frame of 10 cm x 10 cm. ..

"Garden flowers"

Gardener flowers and butterflies of bronze. The frame is 17 cm x 17 cm. ..

"gathering of olives" 2-3 Days

"gathering of olives"

when it comes to gathering the olives all flowing quickly and how to correct each beating the indust..

"House, Glass Bird"

Children's frames have as their main theme the house or the bird, which is made of burnished colored..

"Lady with cocker"

"Lady with cocker" love for the dog's life made ​​her always with him, look after them and respects ..


Olive, peace symbol, fertility, gonimotitas.godlike gift. Tree of the good connected with regenerati..

"peasant" New


Desktop "peasant" brass figures basis: 10X8X2 xylin ..