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The necklace is a jewel that surrounds the neck, made of small elements joined together.

Silver necklace with stone chain
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO120
In a 60 cm chain are tied with thin silver wire semi-precious stones. A wonderful ornament for a woman's bust...
Ex Tax:28.23€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO013
Women's necklace silver with turquoise (55 cm) long and with a butterfly (3 cm x 3 cm), is handmade and with soft wire all the lapis past...
Ex Tax:55.65€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO039
Silver starfish necklace, with black volcanic lava 8mm in the necklace and 4 agate 8x12mm...
Ex Tax:96.77€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO047
Silver spiral necklace with precious stones, garnet & pearl, handmade and unique...
Ex Tax:36.29€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: SET3KB
Sterling Silver "Pink Quartz & Lapis" Necklace, Precious Stones Necklace Handmade with High Quality Wire, Its Length is 50 cm and when it is attached to the bracelet it is 70-80 cm in diameter...
Ex Tax:32.26€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: KO041
Silver "turquoise" necklace, lapis and turquoise and in the center a 2cm round silver with oversized lines...
Ex Tax:36.29€
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