Important custom in Christmas celebrations is the gift exchange. Particularly for children, the Christmas season is one in which receive a significant number of gifts from parents and relatives, but also from the Santa Claus who at the international delivery brings gifts descend from the chimney of the house and places inside the stockings are hung in front of the fireplace

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angel wishes Gifts New

angel wishes

An angel hanging on to the wishes. A great Christmas present in business call us. Over 10 prices are..

Angel wishes 1 Artwork sculpture New

Angel wishes 1

Angel seated in wishes. A great Christmas gift for businesses, give us a call. Over 10 prices are ch..

Angels Christmas Wishes artistic creations New

Angels Christmas Wishes

Angelic Christmas wishes. A wonderful gift for all festive occasions. ..

Angels couple ladder Artwork sculpture New

Angels couple ladder

Angelic greetings from the couple on the stairs.A wonderful gift for all the festive aspects. ..

Charm "saxophone"

Charm  "saxophone", hand hammered brass saxophone symbol of music ..

Charm 2018 "pigeon"

Charm 2018 "pigeon", handmade forged brass dove symbol of peace...

lucky charm "Angel"

lucky charm for the coming year. Angel of olive wood, bronze and stones. ..

Pomegranate ceramic "flower"

Pomegranate ceramic "flower" pomegranate Greek ceramic 11 cm. Hand painting with enamel and a charm ..

Sea wood boat Gifts New

Sea wood boat

Boat made of sea wood, the mast is bronze ..

Wreath "butterfly"

Butterfly wreath, handmade wreath with processed paste flowers, brass leaves and butterfly made of h..

Wreath "daisy"

Daisy wreath, handmade wreath with flowers of processed paste, brass leaves, daisy made of handmade ..

Wreath "flowers"

Wreath "flowers", handmade wreath with flowers and brass butterfly ... a wonderful gift for the hous..

Wreath "sparrow"

Sparrow Wreath, handmade wreath with processed paste flowers, brass leaves and sparrow ... a wonderf..


"Pigeon" wreath, handmade wreath with flowers and brass leaves, the dove is made of handmade glass ...

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