The creation of handmade artistic jewelery and its uniqueness is something that basically dominates it. It is the expression that calms him, makes him feel good, and so prove that he deserves to stretch his thoughts on the workbench and travel through the sprouts of his imagination. Its creation is what you deserve, as long as you let the artist express himself.

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Ring "Parallel"

Ring "Parallel" sterling silver 925, handmade pearl 6 mm mambe...

Ring "pink pearl"

Silver (925o) ring with an irregular, Baroque, big, pearl pink, handmade and unique...

Ring "playfulness"

Silver (925o) ring on the shank of a link is pasted, with very fine wires are passed one by one, dif..

Ring "rectangular agate"

Silver (925o) ring with a flower as decoration and a white rectangle brown agate, handmade and uniqu..

Ring "umbrella"

Silver (925o) ring with a garnet (semiprecious stone) 9 mm at the base of the umbrella, handmade and..

Ring "urchin 2"

Silver (925o) Ring with irregularly placed garnets, handmade and unique..

Ring "water lily"

Ring "water lily"silver 925o handmade with pearl 5mm..

Ring "wheel"

Silver (925o) ring with a pearl 8 mm in the center, handmade and unique...

Ring "ZETA"

Ring "ZETA" silver 925o handmade and 6mm pearl...

Ring (Baroque)

Ring (Baroque) 925 silver, handmade and with a pearl irregular..

Ring (heart)

Ring (heart) silver 925o gold-plated with enamel baked..

Ring (Lines)

Ring (Lines) 925o silver, handmade and solid, with a 6mm long mambe pearl and 11 grams weight..

Ring silver "daisy 2"

Ring Silver (925o) with a daisy great covering two fingers, and a garnet, unique, handmade...

Ring Silver (925o), butterfly shape

Ring Silver (925o), butterfly shape. The almost magical process of metamorphosis of the butterfly fr..

ring"fresh water pearl"

Silver ring (925 o) handmade unique model, with fresh water pearl one centimeter about...