With Semi-precious stones

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With Semi-precious stones

Semi-precious stones cut into shapes,but also rough,riveted over the shank of the ring

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Ring female -orthokeras

Handmade ring with orthokeras "Fossilized squid" 5 -6 cm,surrounded by silver 925o perfect..

"Black onyx" ring jewelry Out Of Stock

"Black onyx" ring

Impressive 925 silver ring in patent leather, in the center of which adorns a black onyx 13x18 mm. A..

"Coral" ring

Ring with irregular shape of high quality coral, finished with silver 925o detail. ..

"Floritis" women's ring

Handmade ring with rectangular shape fluorite (semi-precious stone) of high quality, finished in sil..

Baltic amber

Baltic amber, silver ring unique and handmade with an oval 15X20 amber. ..

Female ring with semi-precious stone - chalcedony

Handmade ring with high quality Chalkidoni (semi-precious stone), in oval shape with diameter: 6 cm ..

Iaspis Women's Ring

Impressive 925 silver women's ring in patent leather, with a semi-precious stone (jasper) adorni..

Ring "amber"

Ring "amber", silver, handmade, ring 925o. Stone: 3 grams of Baltic amber with an insect e..

Ring "playfulness"

Silver (925o) ring on the shank of a link is pasted, with very fine wires are passed one by one, dif..

Ring "rectangular agate" jewelry Out Of Stock

Ring "rectangular agate"

Silver (925o) ring with a flower as decoration and a white rectangle brown agate, handmade and uniqu..

Ring "umbrella"

Silver (925o) ring with a garnet (semiprecious stone) 9 mm at the base of the umbrella, handmade and..

Ring female "chrysoprase"

Handmade ring with "chrysoprase" (semiprecious stone) High quality rectangular shape, fini..

Ring female "turquoise"

Handmade elegant ring with turquoise stone surrounded by fine 925o silver detail. ..

Ring female "turquoise"

Impressive women's 925 silver ring in polished elastane, a semi-precious turquoise stone adorns ..

Women's "agate" ring

Impressive 925 silver women's ring in patent leather, with a semi-precious stone (agate) adornin..

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