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The pins are all handmade,many are unique,They can be made of silver, Arzanto, bronze, and even gold K14,and ordered and in two colors.In the back there is a very good secure clasp

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Brass brooch with cat theme

Pin with two cats from Siam. Brass pin quite large, but without much weight. A wonderful gift for wo..

Women's brass brooch with theme - birds

Brass pin with a bird. The semi-precious stone is your choice. A wonderful design that will adorn th..

Women's bronze pin "hat"

Wonderful brooch made of bronze, with the possibility of making silver from alpaca.  ..

Women's bronze pin "Teacher"

Wonderful handmade alpaca pin, with the teacher from the comics, with the possibility to be made of ..

Women's silver brooch with theme - birds - sparrow

Silver pin with a perforated sparrow, which at the point of the eye there is a genuine turquoise. A ..

"Face" pin

"Face" pin, handmade and unique, size 5 cm by 3.5 cm, can be made of alpaca, bronze or sil..


Handmade silver creation with glossy finish, which can be used as a brooch h pendants ..

"Liveloula" women's pin

Handmade silver pin. A dedication to this wonderful acacia insect. The dragonflies spend most of the..

Alpaca Brooch "Butterfly"

Alpaca Brooch "Butterfly" with semi-precious stones agate, garnet, amethyst, onyx, pearls...

Alpaca pin "Palette" In Stock

Alpaca pin "Palette"

Alpaca Brooch "pallet" with semi-precious stones agate, garnet, amethyst, onyx, pearls. ..

Brass themed brooch - spider web

Bronze pin with the spider standing on its web. Bronze and stone materials in pink quartz. ..

Bronze "mask" pin

Bronze "mask" pin, handmade, 6.5 cm by 5.5 cm, stones are optional agates and can also be ..

Bronze pin "hat"

Bronze pin "hat", handmade with semi-precious stones, diameter 7 cm, can also be made of a..

mask pin

Simple silver mask, forged ..

Pin "female figure & olive leaf"

On an olive leaf, a girl is sitting. ..

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