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The necklace is a jewel that surrounds the neck, made of small elements joined together.

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"Baltic Amber" Necklace Silver

Baltic amber tied with silver 925o. Necklace length 55 cm handmade and unique. ..

necklace (electron)

 necklace (electron)with amber rows that have been placed inside a cone of silver and a chain a..

Women's silver necklace with mineral stones.

Necklace 80 cm long, with silver rings and semi-precious stones threaded and tied in an intricate wa..

.Silver necklace with amethyst & pink pearl

Silver necklace with amethyst & pink pearl, 60 cm long handmade and unique ..

Chalcedony necklace

Chalcedony necklace, a silver pendant in an irregular shape above which we have nailed an oval semi-..

Gemstone Necklace

necklace with precious stones and silver.agate chips stones, circumference etc. its length is 55 cm...

Handmade jewelry on necklaces, bracelets, earrings

Set of silver (925o) with stone malachite. The necklace has 9 silver round pieces, 1 cm in diameter,..

Handmade jewelry on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ring

Set with silver flowers (925o) and mineral amethyst 6mm,necklace with 6 small and 1 big flower,brace..

Necklace "6 rows" jewelry 2-3 Days

Necklace "6 rows"

Necklace from silver necklace with 6 rows of semi-precious stones with basic stone of garnet. (Labra..

necklace "chain"

necklace silver handmade and unique with semiprecious stones, and chain 80 cm long ..

Necklace "colored stones"

Necklace "colored stones", summer colors of semi-precious stones handmade with high qualit..

Necklace "Hat, amethyst"

Necklace "Hat, amethyst" Handmade 925th silver hat, tied with 6 mm amethyst, ..

Necklace "olive leaf"

Silver necklace (925o) with pearl 6 mm of excellent quality with 7 layers of nacre, tied with  ..

Necklace handmade amber

Necklace handmade amber necklaces with silver clasp. ..

Necklace lava and coral.

Necklace with lava and coral, silver strap and clasp. Handmade and unique, a gorgeous jewelry to ado..

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