The necklace is a jewel that surrounds the neck, made of small elements joined together.

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" Bird " necklace .

Silver ( 925o ) necklace with coral pink and green agate, in the eye of the bird is a stone 5 mm . ..

Necklace "6 rows"

Necklace from silver necklace with 6 rows of semi-precious stones with basic stone of garnet. (Labra..

Necklace "agate" jewelry Out Of Stock

Necklace "agate"

Necklace "agate" semi-precious stones agate with 7mm turquoise and at the center has an ov..

Necklace "amethyst flower"

Necklace "amethyst flower"silver necklace with 7 small flowers, 1 cm long and 1 large ..

Necklace "Butterfly"

Silver necklace 925o "butterfly" with handmade chain and mineral stone lapis lazuli. Its t..

necklace "chain"

necklace silver handmade and unique with semiprecious stones, and chain 80 cm long..

Necklace "Hat, amethyst"

Necklace "Hat, amethyst" Handmade 925th silver hat, tied with 6 mm amethyst, ..

Necklace "heart coral" jewelry Out Of Stock

Necklace "heart coral"

Necklace made of silver, the necklace is made of semiprecious stone pink quartz in oval shape and 3 ..

Necklace "Jade, agate"

Necklace "Jade, agate"two rows of semi-precious stones, the Jade is 6 mm matte and the agate chip ti..

Necklace "olive leaf"

Silver necklace (925o) with pearl 6 mm of excellent quality with 7 layers of nacre, tied with  ..

Necklace "pearl 8 mm"

Pearl Necklace 8mm of excellent quality,7 layers nacre the clasp is silver (925o). ..

Necklace "Petra"

Necklace with semi-precious stones, smooth cut and gradient passage Length: 42 cm ..

Necklace "pink"

Necklace silver handmade and unique with amethyst and pink quartz..

Necklace "Three rows, Byzantine"

Necklace "Three rows, Byzantine"silver necklace with three rows of semi-precious stone and garnet, f..

Necklace"Bird 2"

Silver ( 925o ) necklace with pearl 5 mm with the bird in the center and two legs hanging pearls...

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