The creation of handmade artistic jewelery and its uniqueness is something that basically dominates it. It is the expression that calms him, makes him feel good, and so prove that he deserves to stretch his thoughts on the workbench and travel through the sprouts of his imagination. Its creation is what you deserve, as long as you let the artist express himself.

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bracelet boho

Silver clasp on a bracelet with 5 rows of semi-precious stones(Agate, amethyst malachite, jasper, ci..

butterfly bracelet

Silver bracelet (925o) with three rows of turquoise cut faceted, a silver butterfly in the center an..

" Bird " necklace .

Silver ( 925o ) necklace with coral pink and green agate, in the eye of the bird is a stone 5 mm . ..

925o silver "pregnancy"

925o silver "pregnancy" ring with the baby designed in metal and a 6mm pearl. ..

Angels "thimble"

Angels "thimble" bronze and semiprecious stones, size 8 cm ..

Bracelet flower

Bracelet with a silver (925th) flower,with special construction handmade, 3 rows of semiprecious sto..

bracelet bird

Silver bracelet (925o) with silver bird, coral and turquoise 4mm, handmade...

Bracelet chain

Silver (925th) bracelet in chain, semi-precious stones (coral, pearl, amber, turquoise) handmade...

Bracelet lapis lazuli

Silver (925o) bracelet with silver chain and lapis lazuli, handmade...

bracelet turquoise, boho

Silver (925o) bracelet clasp with 8 rows of semi-precious stones (agate, turquoise) handmade. ..

Bronze brooch "tissue"

Bronze brooch "tissue", tissue is made ​​from alpaca hand, stuck with soldering piece by piece, and ..

Brooch "daisy" jewelry New

Brooch "daisy"

Silver handmade brooch with little k18 gold and ruby and zircon. ..

brooch "perforated bird"

brooch "perforated bird" manufacture handmade, unique 7.5 cm to 5 cm silver (925ο) and 0.4 mm thickn..

brooch "twig"

Silver handmade brooch with little k18 gold and ruby and zircon. ..

Clip Earrings

Earrings round 2 cm diameter clips with a rose quartz 9mm and an amethyst 7mm ..