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The creation of handmade artistic jewelery and its uniqueness is something that basically dominates it. It is the expression that calms him, makes him feel good, and so prove that he deserves to stretch his thoughts on the workbench and travel through the sprouts of his imagination. Its creation is what you deserve, as long as you let the artist express himself.

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"Baltic Amber" Necklace Silver

Baltic amber tied with silver 925o. Necklace length 55 cm handmade and unique. ..

bracelet with stones

alpaca bracelet with 6 mm wide 2.6 cm wide stones with choice of stones. We can also in silver. ..

bracelet "embroidery "

A copy bracelet, from the needlework. ..

bracelet boho

Silver clasp on a bracelet with 5 rows of semi-precious stones(Agate, amethyst malachite, jasper, ci..

Brass brooch with cat theme

Pin with two cats from Siam. Brass pin quite large, but without much weight. A wonderful gift for wo..

 butterfly bracelet jewelry 2-3 Days

butterfly bracelet

Silver bracelet (925o) with three rows of turquoise cut faceted, a silver butterfly in the center an..

necklace (electron)

 necklace (electron)with amber rows that have been placed inside a cone of silver and a chain a..

 Ring  "screw" jewelry 2-3 Days

Ring "screw"

Silver ring (925o) in original design with polished elastane, to adorn your hand every day! ..

Ring female -orthokeras

Handmade ring with orthokeras "Fossilized squid" 5 -6 cm,surrounded by silver 925o perfect..

silver and gold cross

Handmade Byzantine cross, made of silver 925o and gold k18. Riveted (8 rubies 0.02 and an emerald 0...

Silver earrings - lily

Silver handmade earrings hanging on the earlobe. My thought came when I saw a lily, I took a piece o..

Women's "bicycle" earrings

Handmade silver earrings hanging with hook and semi-precious stones. ..

Women's "pyramid" earrings

Silver earrings, with pearl and turquoise  ..

Women's "teardrop" earrings

Impressive women's jewelry, 925 silver earrings in oxidized and polished treatment, the black on..

Women's brass brooch with theme - birds

Brass pin with a bird. The semi-precious stone is your choice. A wonderful design that will adorn th..