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Handmade decorations

The artistic creations Topaz art Gallery,are thoughts arising from the childhood of the artist,through music, love, dreams.Flame and forged metals(silver, bronze alpaca, silver, copper) create a sense of lively presence.Colors, wood, metals, stones are selected in their own view and create spaces that express and love us.

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Key-ring "Home 2"

Home 2 key-ring (A)3 key-ring keys wall construction is handcrafted from brass. Diameter:is 7 cm for..

Table decoration in sea wood with theme - the cyclist

Sculptures in wood - The cyclist on the rock - The figure is unique and is made of bronze, the wheel..

Table decoration on sea wood with theme - boat

Tabletop Sculptures "sail boat"   bronze handicrafts, on an old sea wood, passed by ..


Bronze "church" thimble,a great gift for sewing ladies but also for collectors ..

Wall wooden frame with theme - the seabed

This wall frame represents the seabed with fish. ..

Wreath of wooden "leaves"

Wall decoration handmade wooden wreath with petals butterfly leaves, a wonderful gift that leaves im..

Bottle "heart 1"

Old glass bottle with stopper and brass over there is a heart of Murano ..

Bronze table card holder with motocross theme

Motocross machine and label are what make it a special gift, placed on a Swedish wood covered with i..

Collective wall frame "Boy"

The children's frames have as main theme the children (boy and girl) of burnished colored glass,..

Collective wall frame "family walk"

A family moment with play and a walk. ..

Couple on plexiglass with ring.

Couple on plexiglass with ring. The pair of bronze the zircon ring, and the base of plexiglass. hand..

Couple on wooden rock.

Couple on wooden rock. The pair and daisies are bronze, and the base is plexiglass. handmade and uni..

Decorative table with theme - herringbone

Table decoration with a bronze herringbone theme. It's a great office card holder. ..

Desk card case with theme - Angel Heart

A bronze card case,the angel front and back the heart,a handy, unique, great gift for office ..

Garden with flowers and butterflies.

Garden with flowers and butterflies. the objects are bronze, and the base is plexiglass. handmade an..

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