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The Komboloi may be one of the most typical symbols of the Greek easy-going mentality that has been widely established both in Greece and Cyprus since the middle of the 20th century. Yet the history of the komboloi and its origins date back to time, when monks in Mount Athos began making strands of beads by tying knots on a string at regular intervals in order to say their prayers to God. However, in modern times the komboloi is not designed for religious or ceremonial purposes but rather for fun and relaxation.


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Handmade rosary with amber from the Baltic. 36gr.

Tied with 33 beads, a pope and a bead separate the tassel from the pope. For finish it has a silver ..

Handmade worry beats with amber from the Baltic - 28 gr

Tied with 33 beads, 925 ° silver pope and a bead with the silver tassel. The worry beats is comp..

Pressed Baltic Amber 37gr

Amber worry beads with 27 beads for playing and priest. Handmade tassel from 925o silver. Weight: ..

Pressed Baltic Amber 58gr

Amber worry beats with 21 beads for playing and priest. Handmade tassel from 925o silver. Wei..

Worry beats, brown camel bone

Worry beats, brown camel bone in Barrel 8x15mm, with silver column for pope, 21 beads ..

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