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Business Gifts
In our collection you will discover hand-crafted sophisticated items that you can offer as business, conferencing or public relations gifts. Unique and symbolic artwork that will impress covering all your corporate needs in quality and durability, giving you a particularly powerful communication tool. We also have the opportunity to do it even more personally and especially by engraving on your surface indelibly your corporate logo or a special message.

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Table decoration on sea wood with theme - boat

Tabletop Sculptures "sail boat"   bronze handicrafts, on an old sea wood, passed by ..

letter opener "boat" pebble

letter opener "boat" pebble  in a special form, followed by the alpaca and the brass ..

olive branch

Handmade olive branch with bronze leaves and fruit on stone. On the olive tree, in one way, our cult..


Business gifts with taste and art, handmade a wonderful gift for a pianist. ..

Sea wood boat

Boat made of sea wood, the mast is bronze ..

Table decoration in sea wood with theme - birds

Sculptures in wood "bird" bronze handmade buterfly and bird, on a sea wood, through a mate..

Table decoration with theme - boatcard holder"

Sculpture on wood "card holder" bronze objects, on a Swedish painted wood. Handmade and un..

Wall frame with theme - angel couple

Angelic greetings from the couple on the stairs.A wonderful gift for all the festive aspects. ..

Wall frame with theme - angelic

Angel seated in wishes. A great Christmas gift for businesses, give us a call. Over 10 prices are ch..

Wall frame with theme - boat with mast

This wall frame represents the Greek boats that arm in the Aegean. The bronze mast is handmade forge..

Wall frame with theme - music

Angelic greetings with a musical spirit.A wonderful gift for all the festive aspects ..

Wall frame with theme - sea

This wall frame represents the sea, the old wooden boat, the mast, the stairs or the figure made of ..

Wall wooden frame with theme - angel wishes

An angel hanging on to the wishes. A great Christmas present in business call us. Over 10 prices are..

Wall wooden frame with theme - angels

Angelic Christmas wishes. A wonderful gift for all festive occasions. ..

Wall wooden frame with theme - medical

Artistic frame "medical subject",the glass with the snake drug, represents the medical.a g..

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