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In ancient Greece the rattle was called ' seistro' and one of the purposes was to lulls children sieves ...  The seistro is found mainly in the following forms : Wooden or metal or clay clown shaped usually pig ... Parents gave their babies rattles not only to employment, but also to " expel evil " with the sounds produced ... the handle from where the baby was holding the sieve was often coral (which had a deterrent effect ) or had a ring of bone to relieved when aching gums . The reason why most rattles were shaped pig was because in ancient Greece believed that this animal brings luck , wealth and health. What better protection and future of a baby ! Even the baby's bottle was often in the form of a pig . So they used to give the child a silver rattle or a clay piggy with a few coins inside that will bring wealth and good life ...

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Rattle " girl"

Rattle bronze heart with handle of alpaca and a pearl finish is a little girl. ..

Rattle "Sestro"

Rattle "Sestro"old technique and guidance of children's dreams.A bronze rattle on the ..

Rattle "star"

Rattle of bronze and alpaca the soles step of the baby and the stars are made ​​of bronze and armres..

Rattle wooden

Rattle wooden handle and bronze round ball with the little prince. ..

Rattle"boy "

Rattle with brass handle of alpaca, the finish is a boy with enamel. ..

Rattle"stone "

Rattle bronze with semiprecious stone and the handle is of alpaca ..

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