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Topaz Art Gallery and the Circular Economy (*)

• Do not let your old jewelry die in a drawer. Your memories deserveto be relived.
• Their materials can be used to make new jewels.
• Join us in the quest for a Circular Economy, by:
• Bringing your old jewelsto us and helping us transform theminto completely newones.
• Or getting a discount of up to 10 euro by choosing something from our collection in: 
Topaz Art Gallery,Omirou 41-43,Nea Smirni, 
Shopping center (EPIKENTRO) 1st floor.

(*) A circular economy is an economic system aimed at minimising waste and making the most of resources.#TopazArtGallery,#Εμπορικόκέντρο

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A broken base

A broken base of a value glass, it can be replaced by metal (silver, bronze or alpaca). So we ..

Handmade decorative theme - the skate

The construction is made of bronze and alpaca, the body is made of sea wood, and the head is made of..

Pharmacy bottles that close with art - football

On a wad of brown amber, medicinal, flat bottle (des-pat 89237) treated with brass, we have a c..

Pharmacy bottles that close with art - Love

On a lid from a 1930 pharmacy bottle, in amber brown. We have put a heart of rhodonite. The binding ..

Table decoration with theme - surfing

Surfing is a water sport in which the athlete (surfer) rides a moving wave. Usually these waves are ..

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