frame with painting

frame with painting

Painting art appears on the back of the frame.The art of brass gives the final touch

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A Corfu theme

A Corfu theme,in one of the alleys of Corfu we will find some lady spread out clothes on a rope.Beau..

Art frame " team game"

The visual frame with the sunset,is painting with enamel water on plywood by Maria. The tree and the..

Art frame "Marriage"

Wedding on a Greek island.Frame 25 cm X 40 cm painting of the Apostolis, theme made of bronze with p..

Artistic "snowy landscape" frame

The pictorial frame in a snowy landscape is a painting of enamel on a plywood by Apostolis.The pair ..

artistic frame "aerostat"

The visual frame with the balloons of Cappadocia,is a painting of enamel on a plywood by Aposto..

Christmas tree picture frame

Around the Christmas tree the children pick up the ornaments.Painting with enamel on water plywood, ..

painting frame "Dali"

wooden frame with painted theme in the heart of Dali. ..

Picture frame "In the shade of the tree"

A couple sitting on the bench under the tree, the children are playing in the countryside and everyo..

Ski Picture Frame

Skiers descend on the snowy mountains with the frozen lake.Unique handmade theme. Painting by Maria ..

Venetian art frame

The artistic frame with Venice and gondolas is watercolor painting on a sea plywood, by Ap..

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