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Papaioannou Yiannis

Paintings 'Yiannis Papaioannou'.
Giannis Papaioannou was born in Pyrgos to1953 the Peloponnese, noting that, at age 14 John corrected the works of painter also his mother, studied at Vakalo and the School of Fine Arts, Personal reports have been in Pyrgos (Ichorama Gallery, 1979), New York (Astoria Gallery, 1982) and Athens (British Council, 1985). in 1987 took part in the National Gallery, from 1988 to 2004 exhibits the works of the plate (Art gallery topaz)Since 2004 (Art galleries topaz) moved to (New Smyrni,Omirou 41-43) and is today, his paintings now on you will find several galleries and museums around the world personally. few words about his work "Houses, shops, roads and geitoniesta issues pleadings concerned the first glance recognized that the living space could be a Greek provincial townEnas any place where still preserved, schedonsan distant memories, some corners of folk architecture.Nice buildings and streets of an era that fades slowly and leveling within the inhuman rule of cement and low siderou.Oi tonoitou always betray a solitary mood The artist has deliberately limited the color range of the four basics (black, white, deep red and ocher) the intention is initiated perhaps by the knowledge that okosmos of painting is identified somewhere on the nature of materials and ideas of things (lime, sand, bricks, tiles, irons and woods).The light and shadows are so true to tie down the time and submit time and time spent in the soul the image of the artist to eventually regenerate itself into a universal one symvolo.Paratirontas these tables unwittingly becomes the lone walker a city both real and dreamlike yet. "

Model: PAP01
Painting by Giannis Papaioannou oil on a handmade canvas, and a frame made of beech wood with a bronze leaf, processed by him...
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Giannis was a knower of loneliness although he lived an intense life in his last years he was very lonely. This lady is in the dark purple arch recalling her beautiful moments..
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Painting by Giannis Papaioannou oil on handmade canvas, and beech wood frame with bronze sheet, processed by him. The thoughtful girl casts her gaze out the window drinking her coffee with someone of her own...
Ex Tax:806.45€
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