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Shadow theater figures

The shadow theater is one of the oldest types of theater performance. The shadow theater is played mainly with translucent painted images, usually on toppings but also on leather and other translucent materials, the so-called figures. The karaoke player handles the figures in front of a white screen, usually a stretched white sheet (burgundy), illuminated from behind. Thus, the viewer easily distinguishes the contours of the images or, depending on their construction, also distinguishes the colors.For the handling of figures, special tongs need to be placed at crucial points and offer a sense of flexibility and liveliness. Many times the performance is accompanied by music from a live orchestra to make it nicer.Karagkiozis is a central character of the traditional Greek and Turkish shadow theater, which often called by the name of the protagonist. In Turkish called Karagöz means Mavromatis.

Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: car 02
Pendant "kolitiri" from the family clown, is made ​​from alpaca, and can be used as a pendant for your car or wall as gouri.einai 12 cm..
Ex Tax:16.13€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: TSM02
Shadow theater - karagiozi figure, it is handmade from alpaca n' brass, engraved and oxidized, something beautiful for collectors of the genre. It will be used as a wall hanging, as a charm...
Ex Tax:32.26€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: TSM01
Shadow Theater - Karagiozis figure,It is handmade from alpaca or brass, engraved and oxidized, something beautiful for the collectors of the genre. It will be used as a charm, hanging on the wall...
Ex Tax:36.29€
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