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Takis Kyriakopoulos

Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: BR012
Bracelet with precious stones and with silver elements and fastening, handmade and unique...
Ex Tax:24.19€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: BR019
Silver handmade forged bracelet. Even in bronze but also in alpaca...
Ex Tax:30.65€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: BR005
Silver bracelet (925o) with three rows of turquoise cut faceted, a silver butterfly in the center and two elements also silver on the right and left of it. At the end there is a 3-fold clasp. It is handcrafted...
Ex Tax:36.29€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: BR004
On a chainsaw, I have elaborately passed the semiprecious stones, making the bracelet ring in our ears to the beats of stones, like a rhythmic melody.The bracelet is worn all the time and is for all sizes because it fastens to the openings of the chain...
Ex Tax:40.32€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: ST012
Silver cross glaze, a unique jewel worn with string...
Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: MK06
Leaf Cufflinks. A pair of sterling silver 925o cufflinks that can be worn at any time. Handmade craftsmanship...
Ex Tax:32.26€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: MK13
Cuff-links Handmade from silver, made ​​from bronze... The double-headed eagle is a symbol often found in coats of arms, badges and flags. The symbol associated with the Byzantine Empire, and the Byzantine heraldry, the two heads of the eagle represents the dual authority of the Emperor (secula..
Ex Tax:52.42€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: MK01
Cufflinks "shape". A pair of sterling silver 925th stylish cufflinks that can be worn at any time...
Ex Tax:32.26€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: MK08
Cufflinks "cogwheel".A pair of trendy cufflinks that can be worn all the time. Handmade craftsmanship...
Ex Tax:28.23€
Silver cufflinks-Vergina sun Silver cufflinks-Vergina sun
2-3 Days
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: MK03
This pair of cufflinks is inspired by the Vergina Sun, which adorned the golden shrine found in the tomb of King Philip II of Macedonia. A Common Symbol of Ancient Greece It is a special aesthetic object, hand-crafted from silver 925o...
Ex Tax:32.26€
Silver keychain -house Silver keychain -house
2-3 Days
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: KLA03
Silver keychain (925th) handmade, the chain is perfectly glued with silver welding, and with a special clasp for the keys...
Ex Tax:44.35€
Silver necklace with 6 rows of semi-precious stones Silver necklace with 6 rows of semi-precious stones
2-3 Days
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: KO003
Necklace from silver necklace with 6 rows of semi-precious stones with basic stone of garnet. (Labradorite, agate, citrine, rhodochrosite,) This jewel is handmade and unique.....
Ex Tax:125.00€
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SINCE 1987


Art is not a complete study,is expression,implementation,presentation and acceptance.
Our pursuit is handmade,in every form.Every jewelry is handmade,each object for us is jewelry.
Uniqueness is value that is missing today.




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