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Takis Kyriakopoulos

Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: T210
This wall frame represents the seabed with fish...
Ex Tax:16.13€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: T115
Proposal of love, as high as you think you're probably a good thing..
Ex Tax:44.35€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: T114
Handmade figurines of bronze mounted on a frame. Silent clock construction on the "Moon". Being totally focused closes his eyes. He feels  the earth beneath his feet, the breeze blows almost ripping the air beside his ears.He feels  the smell of nature underneath  the "..
Ex Tax:48.39€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: T111
Autumnal walk when Vardaris blowing the leaves fall from the trees and traveling, looking to find a little corner somewhere to nest. a walk is ideal, even if it takes us wind the scarf...
Ex Tax:56.45€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: T189
This wall frame represents the olive tree. When it comes time to pick the olives, everything flows quickly and in the right way, one of them knocks on the branch to drop the olives, the other collects them and takes them to the olive press to become oil...
Ex Tax:72.58€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: TDW10
A bronze card case,the angel front and back the heart,a handy, unique, great gift for office..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Earrings - ball
2-3 Days
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: SK033
Earrings Silver (925o) pendant, with a 20mm ball and stones (matte), handmade and unique..
Ex Tax:52.42€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: H11
The ceramic mug with the hippocampus that was a symbol of nobility, noble achievements and distinguished service. Original 3d mug with its tail in the grip...
Ex Tax:9.68€
Keychain silver - scarab Keychain silver - scarab
2-3 Days
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: KLA01
Silver keychain (925th) handmade, the chain is perfectly glued with silver welding, and with a special clasp for the keys. For scarab lovers...
Ex Tax:33.87€
Last Old shoe - musicians Last Old shoe - musicians
2-3 Days
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: KAL01
Last "musicians" Old shoe tree wood, the brass musicians a special gift...!..
Ex Tax:64.52€
Last shoe - at the Beach Last shoe - at the Beach
2-3 Days
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: KAL02
Βeach on the last shoe: Old wood, all figures, made of brass. Use: card case a special gift...!..
Ex Tax:64.52€
Brand: Takis Kyriakopoulos Model: MASK01
These days the custom of fun, entertainment and "masquerading" becomes disguised. This mask is made of alpaca and is molded on the face...
Ex Tax:36.29€
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SINCE 1987


Art is not a complete study,is expression,implementation,presentation and acceptance.
Our pursuit is handmade,in every form.Every jewelry is handmade,each object for us is jewelry.
Uniqueness is value that is missing today.




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