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Painting on wooden frames

All the works of painting that appear on the back of the frame are unique, if asked to be repeated the painter will try to approach it as best as possible and of course for this effort he must be rewarded. The art of brass in forms or representations gives the final touch.

Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM18
A new work by Zografos Apostolos. "When the body comes out of the sea and falls on the wrecks of people." The boat is made of brass...
Ex Tax:120.97€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM03
The art frame with Venice and the gondolas is a painting with water enamel on a sea plywood, by Apostolis. The ride on the dock with the gondolas, with the shapes and the street lamp is made of bronze...
Ex Tax:87.90€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM21
A frame with a painting by Apostolos, in a Cycladic wedding. The couple's figures are made of bronze..
Ex Tax:64.52€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM14
A work by the Painter Apostolos. When the flowers bloom it smells like spring, and the beauty of nature excites the mind. The atoms are made of brass...
Ex Tax:96.77€
Decorative painting frame with bronze - A rainy day
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Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: TM27
Frame with a painting by Apostolos, on the subject of rain. A lady on a rainy day goes to the park for a walk. A brass lady also walks with her umbrella...
Ex Tax:64.52€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: TM25
Frame with a painting by Apostolos, on the theme of the meadow. A lady made of brass holding a flower goes for a walk in the meadow...
Ex Tax:48.39€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM09
A Corfu theme,in one of the alleys of Corfu we will find some lady spread out clothes on a rope.Beautiful colors on the walls of houses by our painter Apostolis and artistic handmade brass of Takis,..
Ex Tax:88.71€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM01
This wall frame represents a painting by Dali, painted by the Apostle and depicts the piercing feelings of people that no matter how red they are somewhere there is a special heart with other shades and elements of people...
Ex Tax:87.90€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM10
Wedding on a Greek island.Frame 25 cm X 40 cm painting of the Apostolis, theme made of bronze with pearls..
Ex Tax:92.74€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM11
A work by Theotokopoulos, painted by Apostolos & 3D angels made of bronze, figure in the wooden frame.  ..
Ex Tax:96.77€
Brand: Maria Georgantzi Model: TM02
A couple sitting on the bench under the tree, the children are playing in the countryside and everyone is happy and smiling.  ..
Ex Tax:79.03€
Brand: Topaz Art Gallery Model: ΤΜ32
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, is a wonderful children's book through history. The Apostle painted the frame with water enamel and I put the snake that had eaten an elephant, made of bronze...
Ex Tax:52.42€
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