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Apostolis Moloxtos

Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM09
A Corfu theme,in one of the alleys of Corfu we will find some lady spread out clothes on a rope.Beautiful colors on the walls of houses by our painter Apostolis and artistic handmade brass of Takis,..
Ex Tax:88.71€
Decorative wall painting frame with bronze - Dali Roses
Out Of Stock
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM28
In a wooden frame, Apostolos took Dali's abstract art and in his own way and with a lot of imagination made a wonderful theme. All I did was put a few roses from the paste so as to give it another dimension...
Ex Tax:72.58€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM10
Wedding on a Greek island.Frame 25 cm X 40 cm painting of the Apostolis, theme made of bronze with pearls..
Ex Tax:92.74€
Decorative wall painting frame with bronze - Old port Decorative wall painting frame with bronze - Old port
Out Of Stock
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM20
Frame with Apostolos' painting in the old port with the boxes and the old boats. The figures and the boat the box and the light are made of bronze...
Ex Tax:88.71€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM07
The visual frame with the airballon of Cappadocia,is a painting of enamel on a plywood by Apostolis.Stilt Walker and children with inflatable balls are made of bronze.Handmade and unique theme...
Ex Tax:84.68€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM12
A work painted by the painter Apostolos & a bronze boat travels in the wooden frame...
Ex Tax:80.65€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM13
This wall frame represents a painting with the seabed that is painted with enamel by the painter Apostolos. The fish and the seaweed are made of bronze and handmade...
Ex Tax:76.61€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM03
The art frame with Venice and the gondolas is a painting with water enamel on a sea plywood, by Apostolis. The ride on the dock with the gondolas, with the shapes and the street lamp is made of bronze...
Ex Tax:87.90€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM21
A frame with a painting by Apostolos, in a Cycladic wedding. The couple's figures are made of bronze..
Ex Tax:64.52€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: TM11
A work by Theotokopoulos, painted by Apostolos & 3D angels made of bronze, figure in the wooden frame.  ..
Ex Tax:96.77€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: NT22
A painting on the skin of the tambourine, with water enamel...
Ex Tax:12.10€
Brand: Apostolis Moloxtos Model: NT13
A wonderful subject with Donald Duck being confused by the lights...
Ex Tax:12.10€
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SINCE 1987


Art is not a complete study,is expression,implementation,presentation and acceptance.
Our pursuit is handmade,in every form.Every jewelry is handmade,each object for us is jewelry.
Uniqueness is value that is missing today.




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